Monday, 9 January 2012

Candy Bones

This is my entry for The Woman In Black Ghost Story competition, run as part of the promotion for the new film version of Susan Hill's classic novel. It reached the finals, but then got totally battered.

It was kind of a wee tribute to the stories you used to get in the Armada Ghost Books...anyone ever read them at school..."scary stories for children"? No..? Still available in all good second-hand bookshops.

So...I'm conscious of the fact that theres more folk reading the blog (and the Tales of the Oak blog) as a result of being in that competition. That might just be a wee temporary thing, but it just made me very suddenly conscious of what a big jumble of things are on here.

There's loads of stuff on here I've written for fun or for my friends or family, and there's stuff I've written for other competitions. More often than not, writing for competitions these days can mean harassing friends, family and complete strangers to support you by "liking" things via social networks. Bit of a riddy.

Recently I've got to thinking, I don't write or blog just to try and win things, but I do enjoy sharing what I write either way. Down our way that can sometimes seem a wee bit "show offy" and no one likes that. Sadly...that isn't going to stop me. Nor should it stop you! There's a nice wee book around just now, by Ellen Arnison, a local writer, "Blogging For Happiness", and one of the things it deals with, is how blogging is a nice way to help yer mental health. At the very least, that'll do for me.

Pretty sure you have something to say too.