Thursday, 19 January 2012

Story Dice Fables - A Question

There was a boy who had a question, a Big Question. And for awhile, he thought about it and tried to figure out the answer for himself, but he couldn't. And then for awhile he just kept The Question in his pocket and tried to forget about it, but he couldn't. So he decided he was going to have to investigate and ask someone, even though he was quite worried that people would think he was silly.
First of all, the boy asked his father his question. And his father stroked his beard and said
"Hmm. Well, that's a very good question. I'm not going to tell you the answer, but I tell you who you should ask...your teacher."
So the boy went to his teacher, and gave him an apple just to try and get him on side, and then asked his question.
"Well that's easy." said the teacher "Just think of how the moon hangs in the sky, brightening the dark nights."
The boy wasn't totally convinced. So he went for a walk in the park to think it through, and noticed an old lady sitting on a bench. "Old people know lots of things." he thought, and went over to introduce himself and ask his question. The Old Lady was very pleased to help.
"Well, I'm sure I know the answer to that question...just think of how you get all the wonderful colours of rainbows from single tiny raindrops."
The boy nodded and smiled, but he was mostly just being polite. Although, he did think The Old Lady's answer sounded nicer than the teachers.
"I need to ask the cleverest person in the town." thought the boy. "Everyone says the watchmaker is a bright spark. I'll go his shop and ask him."
The boy asked the Watchmaker his question, and the Watchmaker smiled.
"Well, I hear the answer every day in the silence between the tick and the tock of the clocks, or see it in the first spin of the compass needle as it finds it's way towards magnetic north. But that is my answer. It is not yours."
The boy thought this was meant to sound cleverer than it actually was, and decided to speak to his father again.
"Everyone gave me all different answers," said the boy, "and I've still got this question. I can't get rid of it."
"Wonderful." said the boys father, giving him a hug "And if you are very lucky, you may never find the answers to your question; but you must always keep asking."

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