to be clear, I'm not in any of these stories, just any excuse to share
this ace gift from Andy Lee and Magic Torch of how I look in my own head

Below are lots of different wee stories I've shared on the blog over the last few years, including Fan Fiction, Scary Stories and Wintery Tales...

Fanfic is a guilty pleasure, both to write and to read. But it has increasingly become more mainstream over the last few years. My own efforts span Golden Age children's literature, classic scifi and Scottish folk horror. Enjoy...

War of the Willows
In which martians attack the wild wood

Now When The Wine Is Drawn
In which Mole hears about Badgers Roman ancestors

Doctor Who - Red Letter Day
In which the Doctor visits a rather unusual bookshop

Doctor Who - Schadenfreude
In which the Doctor has an unlucky day

Doctor Who Meets Captain Kidd
In which two titans meet in a crossover comic that never was

Para Handy versus Wicker Man
In which the crew of the Vital Spark load a strange cargo

Alice in a Winter Wonderland
In which Alice wanders through the 12 Days of Christmas

Alice's Wonderland Wedding
In which Alice meets a clockmaker

In which we face the self help apocalypse

The Sandman - This Further Strand
In which the River Witch strikes a bargain

Watership Down - When Frith Sleeps
In which we hear a winter tale of El-ahrairah

May the 4th
In which we see the least worst of Star Wars Holocron fanzine

Vogon Poetry 1 /  Vogon Poetry 2

In this next selection of short stories, some are silly, some are a wee tiny bit scary.

In which a zx spectrum is but the gateway.

Candy Bones
In which a day skidging school goes wrong

The Guest House of Usher
In which we visit a cold seaside town in winter

In which we discover a helpful "cure" for the pesky unemployed

The Belville Terror
In which we peer upwards at cyclopean horror

Troubleshooter General
In which management consultancy shows no mercy