Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Story Dice Fables

One of my lovely Christmas gifts was a set of Rory's Story Dice. Dead simple, nine dice, six sides, 54 images, 10 million combinations. Roll dice, make up a story or poem. Children may help.

For better or worse, each year at the top of my resolution list is "write more". This year, it's moved down a notch, it's under "eat less salt n vinegar rice cakes", but it's still up there. The story dice are one of my weapons in this battle. Same as this blog.

The rules are
1 - play whats rolled, nae backsies,
2 - post a photie
3 - blog what's written, nae footering or redrafting

There is no way to verify these rules have been kept obviously, you just have to trust me. And of course, you can play too, check out whats been rolled, tell a different story. That's the first lot up at the top there.

The Forgetful Star
Once upon a time there was a fallen star who had forgotten what she fell for. It had been a long fall and she had bumped her head when she landed - even though it had been quite a soft landing. She decided to find people to help her remember why she fell.
First she came to a garden, and she met a Bee with a broken sting.
"Do you know why I fell?" asked the Star.
"No. But I wish you'd help me fix my sting, I've flowers to visit."
"Sorry. Can't help you there." said the Star. And walked on.
Next she came to a forest and she met a Knight having a little cry.
"Do you know why I fell?" asked the Star.
"No. But I wish you'd help me. I've been sent on a quest far too early in the morning. A evil witchlord and his pet sphinx have stolen the Queen's Silver Arrow she uses as a table centrepiece. I must retrieve it from the pyramid in the lost desert. But I hate getting sand in my shoes."
"Sorry. Can't help you there." said the Star. And walked on.
It grew dark and stormy, lightning flashed, lighting up the rooftops of a nearby village. As the Star walked towards it, she found a little torch lying by an old postbox.
"Do you know why I fell?"
"No. But I wish you'd help me see in the dark. I'm scared."
"Sorry. Can't help you there. But if you want to walk with me for awhile, I'll shine on you."
The Star walked on til morning and found herself back at the field where she had first fallen.
Only now, she noticed there was a sheep there as well, looking rather poorly.
"Hello. Do YOU know why I fell?" asked the Star.
"Yes." said the Sheep "You're for wishing on. But I wish you hadn't fallen on me."
And the Star remembered. The bees sting sharpened, the Knight got some armoured flip flops and the torch beamed. But the Sheep still had quite a sore head.
"Thank you." smiled the Star.
"No problem." said the Sheep. "Glad I could give you a hand."