Thursday, 3 October 2013

National Poetry Day - Water, Water Everywhere

by sharon with love

Near The Sea

She wore the smoke
Like a veil.
Shrouded in cloud
She waited.
Wanting me to say
I’m sure,
All the things I wanted to say.
But I was so interested 
In the litter,
Gathering in the gutter rain
And the town clock 
Barely visible through the grey,
That I forgot to tell her.
I forgot to say.
The chimes
Echoed through the weather
And the moment
Was washed away
As hopeless, as helpless
As a paper yacht at sea.
She turned
And though the rain
Had matted her hair across her face
In knots and curls
It could not hide those eyes,
Now two hollows, swallowing light,
Empty of me.
Tears fell
On cracked dry lips
That never kissed.
And that was the last boat I missed.