Sunday, 3 April 2011


Where is that detonation?
That burst and blast
Of the new,
The tempestuous
All consuming
Cracking and blackening
My skin and
Scorching these hollow bones.
I squint and limp round
All those bombsites
Scrabbling in the rubble
Searching for
The flash of
Broken light across a 
Room full of casualties,
And for you
Standing smiling in the wreckage,
Until, hauled like comets
All across the cold
Empty black we collide.
Twisted, tumbling together
We writhe.
The torn cheek
The gashed heart
Bruised lips,
That beautiful
Isolatory violence.
It is this 
Compulsion to find you, The thrill of the accident
That has me
Standing on landmines
And falling in front of cars.
Smashed and shattered
As I am
There is nothing yet
That’s destroyed me
Like you will.