Friday, 4 May 2012

May the 4th

To celebrate international Star Wars day, here is "Crazy Jawa", a 1995 comic strip cobbled together for a Star Wars fanzine by myself and Ross Ahlfeld...obviously...back then it was just slightly more original to try and treat Star Wars lightheartedly. Now people do it much better all the time. Much better.

To enjoy some more Star Wars fan fun and even some political cartoons, why not have a look at "The Best of Holocron", the mid 90s Star Wars zine once voted literally 4th best fanzine in the UK by the readers of SFX magazine. That's top 5. Sadly, a few issues remain missing (or "ultra rare") and so you cannot enjoy the Star Wars / Trainspotting crossover or the Roy of the Rovers style exploits of the A.C Alliance football team.

May 2012 also celebrates the 200th anniversary of Edward Lear, King of Nonsense, here therefore, is a hastily prepared Star Wars limerick...

There once was a droid from Cloud City,
Who got shiny new parts to look pretty,
But whenever she coughed,
The bits all fell off,
So they melted her down, what a pity.

And if you think that's questionable, then I suggest you watch this and think on...