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A Bit of The Moon!

This was the first Christmas poem I wrote for my children. It accompanied a genuine purchase of lunar property. I believe land is now also available on Mars, assuming of course you are prepared to take it by force from the martians. Anyway, I still have all the documentation, and am assuming that this land purchase is legally binding and therefore when we eventually move into terraforming we'll be quids in. Check out some cool Christmas in Space photoshoppings here..

What should I get you for Christmas?
A new rattle? A carved silver spoon?
Never mind a new toy, you’re a lucky wee boy
I got you a bit of the moon!

I could’ve got you a big woolly mammoth
Or a hunting hat made from raccoon.
But there’ll be no fur for you young sir
I’ve got you a bit of the moon.

I could’ve got you a trip on a pirate ship
On the second last fortnight in June.
But no treasure yet, no parrots for pets,
See I’ve got you a bit of the moon.

How about a Tibetan safari?
In a marvellous hot air balloon?
But we’ll see yeti later, Kung Fu monks can just wait,
Cos I’ve got you a bit of the moon!

And maybe one day, you’ll fly away
To the sea of tranquillity.
You’ll build a wee home inside of a dome
And we’ll fly up to your house for tea.