Monday, 25 April 2011

Calabrig Episode 3

Councillor Harry MacArthur talks us round a recent local scandal and fills us in on the preparations for Calabrig's Royal Wedding Street Party. You can listen below or on the Calabrig Community Podcast page.

The views of Councillor Harry MacArthur are entirely his own. Any similarity to actual people or events is mostly coincidental.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011


A stack of half empty boxes
In a half filled room.
I see
An old broken torch,
A torn film poster lies crumpled
Yellowed and well loved.
Books you won’t need again.
What will you leave?
What stays behind when you
Pack the last of your life
Into the boxes and tape them shut?
Is there a box big enough
To fit who you were inside?
Later, all we can think t do
Is to look at what you’ve left, 
To tear open some of your boxes
To try and unpack you back together.
But we can’t.
We see only what’s here
And can tell who you aren’t or
Who you were, but not
Who you are.
Is all you took with you.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Calabrig Episode 2

Outspoken local councillor Harry MacArthur talks about Calabrig's new community art project while volunteer techinican Joe finds some new buttons to press. You can listen below or on the Calabrig Community Podcast page.

You can contact Councillor MacArthur and the Calabrig podcast team at

It should go without saying that the views of Councillor Harry MacArthur are not necessarily my own. But I'm saying it anyway. Just to be clear like.

Thursday, 7 April 2011


See me worn down
See me broken
See my heart and mind decay.
See me empty
See me frozen
See my spirit burned away.
See me losing
See me beaten
See my plans corrode and rust.
See me over
See me ended
See my corpse rot into dust.

I am rebuilt
I am reborn
I will not bow to lies.
I am focussed
I am ready
I will tear down tired skies.
I am stronger
I am truer
I will blaze and flare with love.
I am patient
I am heartfelt
I will see and soar above.

I am Atlantis rising
I am here to be again.
I am sunrise on a morning
That now will never end.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Calabrig Episode 1

Councillor Harry MacArthur presents the first of his podcasts from his hometown of Calabrig. You can listen below or on the Calabrig Community Podcast page.

In this first episode, Harry and his volunteer technician Joe figure out how the buttons work, and Harry gives us directions to the community hall.

The views of Councillor Harry MacArthur are not necessarily those of Stramashed or myself.

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Sunday, 3 April 2011


Where is that detonation?
That burst and blast
Of the new,
The tempestuous
All consuming
Cracking and blackening
My skin and
Scorching these hollow bones.
I squint and limp round
All those bombsites
Scrabbling in the rubble
Searching for
The flash of
Broken light across a 
Room full of casualties,
And for you
Standing smiling in the wreckage,
Until, hauled like comets
All across the cold
Empty black we collide.
Twisted, tumbling together
We writhe.
The torn cheek
The gashed heart
Bruised lips,
That beautiful
Isolatory violence.
It is this 
Compulsion to find you, The thrill of the accident
That has me
Standing on landmines
And falling in front of cars.
Smashed and shattered
As I am
There is nothing yet
That’s destroyed me
Like you will.