Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Going to Mars on MAVEN

Always been a big fan of Mars, so earlier in the month myself and my son Connor wrote some haiku to be sent aboard the Maven space probe to Mars. Poetry...on mars! Get in.

Here are Connor's two...

In the red life of
Dust, there was shining water
Flowing, through the rocks.

You and your friends are
Floating in your rocket while
Reading this poem.

He decided to send the first one. You can vote for Connor's entry here

I went with

In the red silence
Old ice cracks and bursts with life.
Soon we will hear it.

Do happy tripods
Build little red sandcastles
Down by the canals?

I've sent the second one, and am now wondering if there's a gap in the market for a kids book featuring Lil HG Wells Martians frolicking across the arid landscape of Mars.