Community Fables

working in the third sector is much more interesting than this diagram suggests
though green does seem like the appropriate colour choice

I work and volunteer "in the community" in what is sometimes referred to as the third sector. Have done for over twenty years now. Like every other industry it has a language and madness all of it's own. Increasingly, I've found it helpful to reframe or rethink ridiculous situations or ideas I'm trying to express as fairytales or fables. Sometimes it helps me think around a problem differently, or, even better, gets rid of the tension thats making the situation more difficult. Plus also, it's fun.

The Story Boat
The Surplus Dragon
The Boots Are Procured
Bad Gold
Troll Bridge
A Cure for Witches

Technically this one isn't a fable, more a cautionary tale of "black box" contracting...

I'm developing this wonderful coping strategy into some training sessions for organisations and would be happy to come and trial it with folk. No really. If you are interested in being a guinea pig for this process, let me know via

And with Magic Torch, I'm also promoting the use of comics and graphic novels in community learning and development on Magic Torch Comics.