Thursday, 8 November 2012

Free Ebooks...get yer ebooks

Bit of a shilling post, here goes...

September saw us launch The Archivist's Treasure, a graphic novel looking at the history and heritage of Inverclyde. The project was funded by Heritage Lottery and you can download a copy for free! Just visit graphicly. It's also available on kindle and through ibooks. Share it far and wide please.

We've another comic coming out next year, a Tales from the Crypt pastiche based on local myths and legends. It's part of the Tales of the Oak project.

I also decided to invest a wee bit of time in finding out for myself how tricky ebookery was, as I've few stories that wouldn't really work as massive / serialised blog entries, and I'm thinking of publishing them next year. I put a very small selection of stories together to test the water, including one of my War of the Worlds stories. So you may also like to download or sample Stramashed via Smashwords or on amazon for kindle. You can get it on ibooks as well. This means that when i'm feeling uppity, I can legitimately call myself an "indie author" - which is slightly more impressive as my stint as a songwriter for me and my mates 6th year "indie band". I wrote two songs (the single and potential b-side) entitled Yesterday Man and America Eats The World. They were rubbish.