Monday, 25 October 2010

Eventually...they came for everyone else

There is a famous statement (often quoted as a poem) by Pastor Martin Neimoller “First They Came...” which is generally agreed to be about the muted response of German intellectuals to the rise of Nazism. It is a tremendously simple piece about how fascism needs only the apathy of "good men".

I like to feel that in our emotionally troubled and financially unstable times, as we reprioritise what is important and worth fighting for, this piece of my own, also has something to say...

First, they came for the people who put non-recycleables into the recycle bin.
And I said nothing, because I always properly recycled, folding up the cardboard and cleaning out the tins and everything.

Next, they came for the people who say “pacific” instead of “specific”.
And I said nothing, because I hate not knowing whether people do that on purpose or if they are just stupid.

Then, they came for all the reality TV people.
And I said nothing, because I think they all thought they were going to be on a new show and it seemed a shame to upset them.

Next, they came for the people who know how to speak Klingon.
And I said nothing because quite frankly if you are going to take the time to learn a language, try German or Chinese rather than a fictitious language that has no practical application on this planet. qoH! I googled that. Its Klingon for “fool”. 

Then, they came for the Daily Mail readers.
Fair enough.'s's a work in progress. Feel free to pitch in with suggestions.